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Be Prepared For Anything With Ravencrest Tactical

July 3rd, 2014 04:26:00 pm

By: Lauren Fach


While checking out the exhibitor booths at the Arizona Sports Fan Expo, we were drawn to a table displaying tough looking knives that sparkled in a variety of colors, so we decided to find out more and do a quick interview with Joe from Ravencrest Tactical right there on the spot. Joe was happy to give us some background on his product and a short demo before more customers showed up!



Be prepared for anything with Ravencrest Tactical's line of knives and tactical gear, ideal for fishing, camping, hunting and self defense. Fishing expert Johnny Johnson loves these knives and they even have the right color to match his sponsors! When he's out on the lake fishing, Ravencrest Tactical is his, "knife of choice!"


  Johnny Johnson Ravencrest Tactical  


These knives are wasy to operate, very durable and have safety features built into the knife so if the blade comes into contact with a surface, it stops. The knife also features a glass breaker that enables you to score and break glass in an emergency situation. Law enforcement is interested in this knife because of the glass breaker, so this is a great tool for police officers and military personnel. 


To get your own knife from Ravencrest Tactical, check out their website. Available online and trade shows only.

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