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DockDogs World Championship Starts Today

November 14th, 2013 09:35:00 am

By: Charissa Heckard


Today is the beginning of the DockDogs 2013 World Championships in Dubuque, Iowa. People traveling from all over the world brought their dogs to compete in events over four days.


The Big Air competition is a long jump where owners throw a toy and the dog runs and jumps into the water to retrieve it. This is judged on the distance the dog jumps.


The Extreme Vertical is a high jump where dogs leap for a toy dangling 4’6” above the water. The height of the toy increases by 2-inch increments during the competition.


The Speed Retrieve is a timed event where dogs run and jump into the water to pull a toy free on the other side of the pool.  


The Iron Dog is where the dog qualifies and competes in all three events.


Cortney Adams, the secretary of the Arizona chapter of DockDogs, competes with her dogs and trains other dogs. She flew to the World Championships with one of her dogs named Ouzo, a black labrador, to compete in the Iron Dog.

 Corntey Adams and Ouzo jumping Big Air at Nevada Wildfest 

The six years of experience training dogs for agility and DockDogs makes Adams ready to compete with Ouzo. "He has high drive and is very toy motivated which makes him perfect for Dock Dogs," Adams said.


In order to be successful, the owner must work with their dogs on training and agility.


“It’s very much a team sport between owner and dog,” Adams said.


DockDogs doesn’t discriminate, as there is a lap dog division, where smaller dogs compete. It’s easy to be involved in local competitions in order to be invited to world competitions.


 Ouzo jumping in Extreme Vertical in Western Regionals  


Visit DockDogs online and come see these amazing competitions at the International Sportsman Expo at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., on February 20-23, 2014.

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