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Get Going To Overland Expo, The World Is Waiting

January 28th, 2014 04:27:00 pm

Outdoorsmen, Explorers, Campers, Overlanders. It's coming!


Overland Expo 2014


"Get outfitted, get trained, get inspired, get going—the world is waiting..."


Overland Expo is an international outdoors event that educates and inspires people to get out and explore the world, in your own way, usually by bike or vehicle. Held the weekend of May 16-18, at Mormon Lake Lodge in Flagstaff, Ariz., Overland Expo specializes in rugged outdoor activities featuring many expert speakers, authors and videographers from around the world.

"Overland Expo is designed as a unique event to introduce consumers to all the innovative equipment for camping and vehicles, and to introduce travel enthusiasts to the pleasures of exploring the world via your own means, whether it's an old van or a new Land Cruiser or Sportsmobile or BMW motorcycle," Overland Expo.

Overland Expo is the largest and most unique event combining adventure travel, vehicles, and motorcycles with education & commerce. It's a great place for outdoors enthusiasts to brush up on new ideas, techniques and share tricks of the trade from their own experiences. Get involved in over 85 workshops, classes and roundtable programs to expand your worldly knoweledge. Check out the 180+ exhibitors, specializing in off-road, adventure motorcycles, accessories, camping gear and more! 


What explorer wouldn't want to connect with similar folks, learn new tips and ideas and leave with some of the coolest outdoor gear on the planet? We sure would!


"For overlanders, the journey is as important as the destination or the activities that we do when we get to our destination (if there even is a specific destination): hiking, nature watching, kayaking, mountain biking, and so on," Overland Expo.


    ADAK at Overland Expo    

Get off the beaten path with ADAK Trailers


Some of the interesting exhibitors to see at the Overland Expo are ADAK Trailers, Bivouac Camping Trailers, Goal Zero, The Grub Hub, and much more! For a more complete list of exhibitors, click here.



    The Grub Hub    

The Grub Hub is the outdoor chef's best friend
Overland Expo attendees will have the chance to experience:

-Over 85 workshops, classes and roundtable programs


-180+ exhibitors, specializing in off-road, adventure motorcycles, accessories


-Top of the line camping gear like roof-top tents, 12V fridges, high-quality awnings, ground tents, kitchen kits, and recovery gear equipment 


-Expert speakers, authors and videographers from around the world


-Music, food, film festival, & happy hours


-6000+ overlanders from around the world


-Onsite & nearby camping for everyone


-Kids under 16 are free!


Register for a full, all-inclusive education package—the Overland Experience (single or double)—or come on a Day Pass and enjoy a la carte programs. Click here to see details on registrations & day passes. For more information, visit the Overland Expo website:
Directions: Flagstaff, Arizona, 2 hours north of Phoenix off I-17, at Mormon Lake Lodge. 

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