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Get Outdoors In The New Year

December 31st, 2012 10:04:00 am


Many people set resolutions to be healthier or to lose weight in the new year. This seems like an easy task to attempt, but when busy schedules resume and take over all of your free time, you may just find yourself slacking.


Make an effort to take a break from distractions such as technology, work and cell phones for one weekend. Remember that the great outdoors can be exciting, too. There are parks to explore, lakes to fish, mountains to climb and wildlife to see. Just because you can google an image of a 10-point buck doesn't mean you have experienced the massive animal run past you in real life. Encourage your family to spent more time together outdoors. This year try smaller changes in your lifestyle. We have a few ideas to keep you and your family active in 2013.


1. Visit a National Park. We suggest the Grand Canyon for breathtaking views, ancient stories and culture and a range of outdoor activities.

2. Plan a camping trip. Pack up the car with your family, meals, tents, sleeping bags and necessities for survival and having fun in nature. This might be the perfect place to play catch with your kids or teach them how to build a campfire.


3. Chop down firewood, to prepare for an upcoming camping trip. You will understand how it feels to be a lumberjack in no time! You don't even have to wear flannel, but you will burn off some calories even before lighting the campfire.


4. Make dinner with a fish your family caught. Not only is fishing fun, but it's a great survival skill that could be useful in the future.


5. Take the family to a shooting range for some practice shots. Get members of your family more familiar with guns and gun safety.


6. Rent a canoe or kayak. Many outfitting companies offer guided tours through local lakes and rivers. This is a great workout and a really fun way to bond with the family.


7. Take the dog for a walk or hike. Include your four-legged pal in your outdoor plans. Dogs love exercise, too!



8. Go on a bike ride. If you live in a bike friendly city, ride your bike instead of driving to a local venue.


9. Go charter fishing, or if you want a challenge try deep sea fishing. When you finally hook a big one, you will get a good workout trying to reel it in!


10. Wash your car. After playing in the woods; hunting, fishing, camping or four wheeling, wash your vehicle by hand. You'll save a few dollars at the car wash and stay active at the same time.


The more active you and your family are, the healthier they will be. It's much easier to stick to a new lifestyle when it's fun! Find ways to incorporate interests from each member of your family and ask them for suggestions or what they liked the best. Having an outdoors loving family can bring everyone closer together, keep them healthy, prepare them for different types of situations and create long lasting memories.


by Lauren Fach

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