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Interview With A Park Ranger

May 1st, 2013 08:41:00 pm

Hikers! Take in this view. It's from only one angle of the massive South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona. From every direction you see amazing cliffs, desert wildlife and the plants able to survive in Arizona's hot and dry environment. With so many mountain ranges surrounding the Phoenix Valley Metro area, hiking is a wonderful hobby offering a unique experience each time, but with the fun- there are also some risks to be aware of when hiking in the desert. Read on to ensure you are prepared for anything that you may encounter on a day of hiking in Phoenix.


Hiking at South Mountain in Phoenix writer, Lauren really enjoys hiking in her spare time. She is a regular at South Mountain Park in Phoenix, and decided to find out more about the sport by interviewing a park ranger in the video below. Some important tips to remember are: to bring lots of water, to tell someone where you're going and to bring your cell phone. It's best to make sure you're prepared for an emergency situation.


 Hiking with a dog in Phoenix- South Mountain 


Phoenix Park Ranger, Rebecca Smart sat down with Lauren to give her a peek into the life of a park ranger and tips for how to survive the heat while hiking in Arizona. She mentions what to bring and the best advice for hiking with a dog.



Phoenix residents: Check out South Mountain Park. The views are amazing!






Address: 10919 S. Central Ave  Phoenix, AZ 85042

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