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Outfit Your Next Outdoor Adventure At LowerGear

April 14th, 2014 11:23:00 am

Packing for your next outdoors outing can sometimes feel like a scavenger hunt.
Have you seen my boots? Where is the tent? Oh no, my sleeping bag is ripped! 
If you take only a few camping or backpacking trips each year, you may not own all of the necessary items to get you through the experience in comfort. 
LowerGear in Tempe
Don't cancel your plans with nature due to frustration. You don't have to stress because the LowerGear Backpacking Center has you covered! Start your next backpacking or camping trip with all the right gear prepped, ready and waiting for you. 
LowerGear is a local outdoors shop that provides camping and hiking enthusiasts with outdoors gear solutions that work for your lifestyle. You don't have to invest your life savings into the essentials because LowerGear has rental equipment and a retail store available. You can even rent gear online using their easy ship-and-return labels!
      Backpacking with LowerGear
Outfit your next camping or backpacking trip at LowerGear, the first online camping gear rental company in the world!
At their retail store, LowerGear specializes in lightweight gear and boutique brands that other outdoors stores typically do not carry.
"Our store is unique compared to other outdoor outfitters in the Valley due to our unusual product mix - we work with numerous boutique manufacturers, particularly in the ultralight category, that otherwise have limited retail presence. In addition, I'm an avid and highly experienced hiker and backpacker, onsite nearly everyday to assist first-time campers and grizzled outdoors veterans alike," said owner Dallas Shewmaker. 
LowerGear has been locally owned and managed in the East Valley for more than 11 years and owner Dallas Shewmaker is on hand at the store nearly every day (unless he's out hiking, backpacking or kayaking). You can trust that you're in good hands at LowerGear!
       LowerGear owner Dallas Shewmaker
"Hiking is an excellent way to get a great workout in, all while enjoying many other physical and mental benefits of being outdoors - cardiovascular enhancement; improved muscle tone, stress release, and getting back in touch with nature, just to name a few," said Dallas. "Backpacking brings the added dimensions of smaller (or nonexistent) crowds, a greater sense of adventure, the confidence gained from self reliance for extended periods, and exponential physical and mental benefits over just hiking."
Some other reasons to check out LowerGear:
-Good place to find general outdoors and emergency supplies - stock up for a power outage or camping trip
-Great selection of backpacks ranging from small day packs to packs you'd see on Mount Everest
-A wide selection of high-quality hiking boots you won't find at any other stores
-Dealer of Hobie Kayaks and accessories
             LowerGear backpacks             


Stop in to the LowerGear store to see for yourself! Or visit them online here:

Located at: 1828 University Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85281


                LowerGear logo                



For the rest of April, LowerGear is offering 10 percent off any item or rental when you mention at the store register that you saw this article or that you found them on Facebook or Twitter. 
* Discount does not apply to kayaks and kayak accessories. Rentals are discounted if picked up at the store by April 30.

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