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Prescott Outdoor Expo

October 14th, 2013 02:02:00 pm

Over the weekend, two FishCampHuntHike reporters, Lauren and Charissa, took a roadtrip "up the hill" to connect with other lovers of the great outdoors at the Prescott Great Outdoors Expo. The weather was a bit breezy, but just warm enough to enjoy the day at Watson Lake Park, a large park with a scenic blue lake, hiking trails and a large grassy field in Prescott, Arizona.


Watson Lake in Prescott Arizona


The Prescott Outdoor Expo was the perfect reason for hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike to gather with their families for a weekend of togetherness in nature. This was a family friendly event with activities to keep even the big kids entertained. Many groups were flying kites, playing with their kids, listening to the band, having lunch on the lawn or exploring the booths with their dogs.





There was a 300-foot zipline by Flywire, bean bag games, rowing simulator machines, a search and rescue demonstration, arts and crafts and a fishing pond set up by the Arizona Elk Society. The Granite Mountain Archers also gave an archery lesson and after seeing a young girl easily hit the target, our reporters decided to give it a try. 


    Archery lesson at Prescott Outdoor Expo    


We learned about conservation, rehabilitating wildlife, boating safety and hunting laws. A representative from Arizona Game and Fish went into detail about habits of local wildlife and played a recording of bat sonar as they communicate while searching for food. It was pretty neat, and we learned that they make a different noise to signal that they found food. 


Many outdoors groups and non-profits such as the Arizona Game and Fish Department and Arizona Elk Society were in attendance, as well as, the local volunteer search and rescue team, the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary and other wildlife and environmental groups.


        Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary Prescott Arizona Mr. Wilson       



Volunteers at the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary booth said that they take in and rescue animals that were unable to sustain life in the wild. They brought a land tortoise, some snakes and an owl, named Mr. Wilson, for show and tell. They have many more rescued wild animals at their sanctuary in Prescott. Click here to donate to help the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary.





We spoke to an AZGFD Game Ranger about local wildlife like javelina and bears, and he said it's best to make them feel unwelcome, don't let them become comfortable around humans. They also advised to stay away from wild animals with young. Bears and javelina are known to become aggressive when protecting their babies. It was interesting to find out that a bear, the massive animals that they are, can walk almost silently through the woods. The ranger said they are a graceful and deliberate beast. 


            Lauren at the Arizona Game and Fish table            


Organizations in Attendance:


Many representatives from the AZGFD were on staff to explain their misson and upcoming events. There are many workshops available to get women and children more educated and hopefully interested in the outdoors. For more information, please visit: AZGFD was able to explain more about hunting laws and answer questions about local wildlife in Arizona.


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