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Top New Fishing Gear For 2013

January 31st, 2013 05:42:00 pm

Top New Fishing Gear For 2013

Are you excited about the top new fishing gear for 2013?  We are! Every year the recreation sportfishing industry works their magic and builds better, lighter, stronger gear and somehow even more life-like lures.  This year is no different.  While space doesn’t allow for all of the new innovations that will be appearing on dealer’s racks and shelves, here’s a few you’ll want to know about.










Yo-Zuri America’s Crystal 3D Jointed Minnow


For 2013 Yo-Zuri has introduced the new Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed™ lures, available in two models— floating and floating deep-diving. Both feature new jointed, natural “minnow” shaped, bodies which produce a responsive darting action, further enhancing the 3D Prism effect. Some of the models have special UV markings for further enhance hard-hitting strikes.


The Yo-Zuri joint pin is extra strong to hold on to the big ones. The floating version features a unique Triangle Lip design, which enables the lure to be fished slowly, even in shallow water, much like a wakebait.  According to Yo-Zuri rep Chris Bishop, it is perfect for muskie and pike fishing. The Deep Dive version is great for casting or trolling, dives deep and stays there, making it ideal for walleye.




Diawa TWS T-Wing Reels


Daiwa’s latest revolution in levelwind design is the new “TWS” T-Wing System. The traditional levelwind systems of other baitcaster reels has always restricted casting distance and performance but with the introduction of the this is now a thing of the past.


In using a T-Wing shaped line guide, the line spools off completely unimpeded. By eliminating the traditionally small, round line guide, the line exits the spool with no sharp angles, resulting in smooth line discharge, eliminating friction, noise or line wear.  This increases line flow resulting in dramatically improving casting performance and reducing backlashing.  Once the reel is engaged the line is forced back into the center level-wind slot allowing for perfect line lay.




One-Ounce Echotail by Vibrations Tackle


Anyone that has used the “Silver Buddy” style blade bait will instantly realize how versatile the Echotail can be.  Jig it, cast it, troll it, the only wrong way to use an Echotail is by leaving it in your tackle box. 


New for 2013 is the one-ounce model.  Early reports show that bass, walleye, pike, and musky love them.  The same can be said for lake trout and salmon.  With five line-holes to choose from an angler can pick how deep the lure dives.  Plus, the tail can be replaced with just about any soft-plastic lure on the market so you can create your own secret weapon.  The lure is durable enough to handle toothy critters and yet small enough to target other gamefish.




Quantum EXO Series Reels


Quantum has expanded their EXO reels for 2013.  EXO stands for the new Exoskeleton design that strips away all unnecessary material making the reel as light as possible without sacrificing strength.


“Metal Where it Matters. That’s the thinking behind our exoskeletal hybrid construction. It combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50%. This allows us to build the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. In fact, it’s 38% stronger than magnesium and 6 times stronger than a graphite composite frame. You’ll fish stronger, longer with the sensitivity you need to detect the lightest of bites – and the rock solid performance and durability you demand when targeting trophy fish.”

Loaded with other advanced features an EXO reel matched with an EXO rod can weigh as little as nine ounces!  Less weight can really make a difference when spending long hours casting.  While the EXO 100 series took the fishing world by a storm last year, this year they have added a 200 and 300 series in both right and left-handed models.




RaZr Rods


These days it’s hard to find anything made in the USA or backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty, but that is just what RaZr Rods has done.  New for 2013 are additional models in their species specific line-up.  These rods are so sensitive; you can feel the slightest hit, even through a Jersey glove!  I know from personal experience!  Most models are made from 58 million or 68 million modulus high-strain graphite blanks, but RaZr also makes a series in E-glass, which is just what the pros demand for cranking and using on Alabama rigs.


Their Gold series rods have nitride plated stainless ultra thin eye rings set into marine-grade stainless frames, making them great for those abrasive braided lines.







Gamma Molecularly Altered Lines


Gamma Lines is rapidly gaining a following in the angling world.  Why?  Because of the extra processes they put their lines through to make them stronger, more abrasion resistant, and more supple than standard mono and fluorocarbon lines.  What does that mean for you in 2013?  More fish in the boat!  Plus their new braided line is hollow core, which means anglers can add a knotless* mono or fluorocarbon leader by inserting the leader right in to the center of the braided line.  We’ve all seen the Chinese finger traps when we were kids and the braid works the same way.  The harder the fish pulls, the tighter the grip gets.   This makes the line smoother in casting, especially through smaller micro eyes some rods have. 

*Dale Black, president of Gamma, recommends you cinch on a small piece of line around the braid to keep the leader from sliding out when not in use.




Prato Eyewear


Until 2013 anglers had to decide on which they hated more during low light hours such as early morning, late evening, or overcast days; low visibility due to too dark of a sunglass lens or no polarization, robbing them of the ability to see fish.   This isn’t the case any longer.  Prato has a new “green” lens polarized sunglasses that is perfect for those low ambient light conditions.  Fly fishermen will love them as well as they move in and out of shadows along wooded streams.  (Pictures pending.)




Castalia Outdoors “Magic Flight” Spinning Reel 


Longer casts means covering more water with the same amount of work.  That means more efficiency in getting the bait in front of the fish.  While already rocking the angling world with its super long casting Shark Fin reel, Castalia Outdoors has added another design to its line-up, the Magic Flight.


The new “dimpled” spool design increases casting distance by reducing the reel-to-line friction as the line is released during casting. The line only touches the “peak” of each dimple.  Less contact means less friction – thus increasing both distance of the cast and “cover area” fished, thereby improving the chances to catch more fish!


Along with more casting ability both reels are made to withstand whatever you get into.



















Castalia Outdoors Bombshell Crab


The Bombshell Turtle is a soft-plastic bait that has been the buzz among bass anglers since it came out a year or so ago.  The life-like bait imitates a small turtle and can be killer on big bass.  The Bombshell Crab is set to follow suit for the inshore-saltwater world. 


“Featuring pulsating claws and legs, this lure can be rigged to provide a perfectly balanced, weedless presentation. The wide saucer-shaped body is great for skip-casting the Bombshell Crab under docks, mangroves or other structure and provides a slower more natural descent. A jig head or pegged bullet-style weight will keep the tail down and the claws up, imitating a live crab in defense mode – nothing elevates a predator’s striking instincts more!”  



Looking for something that largemouth bass or northern pike haven’t seen a million times before?  Both the Bombshell Crab and the Bombshell Turtle will elicit sledgehammer blows from big fish, freshwater or inshore-saltwater.





There you have it!  The top new fishing gear for 2013!  If they’re not found locally, be sure to check out the manufacturers’ websites so you can order on-line. 


By Alan J. Garbers

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