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Try The Tastiest Survival Food From Helton Tool

May 2nd, 2013 05:10:00 pm

Helton Tool

HeltonTool is a local company that distributes a high quality line of pre-packaged survival food called Wise Food, originally created by two men in Salt Lake City, who wanted better food storage solutions for their own families. The Wise Food company really takes pride in nutrition and packaging to ensure quality in long-lasting emergency supplies. took a drive to Mesa to meet with HeltonTool's Office Manager, Laura Becker. 

FCHH: What type of survival food does HeltonTool carry?
Laura: HeltonTool is an authorized partner of Wise Company Gourmet Long-Term Emergency Food. Wise Company offers a wide variety of products including whey milk, breakfast foods, entrees, meat and poultry, even eggs! 
FCHH: So I have to ask, how do you make eggs in the wilderness?
Laura: It’s not as difficult as you may think! Simply mix the freeze dried, instant egg crystals with cold water and use the mixture as you would fresh eggs. Easy to carry and delicious to eat.
FCHH: How long will the food stay good?
Laura: Anywhere from 15-25 years for this dehydrated and freeze-dried food. Wise Foods uses a high quality Mylar packaging that keeps out light. In addition, the pouches are flushed with nitrogen to remove the oxygen. Oxygen and light are two biggest destroyers of food.
        Wise Food Survival Food        
FCHH: Are they like military MRE’s (Meal, Ready-to-Eat)?
Laura: Wise Food is more like a normal meal. They are not as super high calorie as MRE’s and they definitely taste better! 
FCHH: How long has HeltonTool been around?
Laura: Jack Helton founded it over 12 years ago, selling on EBay and working from his garage. At that time it was just Jack and his wife running the business. Early in 2010, they moved the operation out of their home into an office/warehouse space. They hired a warehouse employee and me. Early this year, we moved into an office/warehouse space that is double in size and we currently employ 5 full-time and 4 part-time employees.
FCHH: Does your family use Wise Foods products? 
Laura: Yes. It’s affordable and tastes great. I really believe in this product and want to promote being prepared. I’m a single mom with two kids. I want to be prepared in any kind of emergency whether we have a temporary power failure or a long-term emergency. There are many things that constitute an emergency beyond “doomsday”. Wise Food products make it easy to be ready for any unplanned emergencies.
FCHH: Helton Tool was an exhibitor, this year, at the Phoenix Sportsmen’s Expo. Do you participate in any other shows? 
Laura: Yes we were at the Maricopa County Home and Garden Shows in January and March. We also were at the Prepper Fest AZ Expo in Scottsdale in April. We enjoy getting out in the public and talking to people, trying to educate them.
FCHH: Does HeltonTool only specialize in survival food? 
Laura: No, we have other survival products like WiseFire, an organic fire starter and Stove in a Can. We are also looking into some different water filtration systems. But that’s not all we do. We are also authorized distributors of high-end lines of cookware, power tools and other adventurous products. Some names we carry are Hitachi, Makita, Senco and Chicago Cutlery. You can check out our website: for all our products and information on upcoming shows.
Stove in a Can from Helton Tool
FCHH: Thanks for telling us more about HeltonTool! Good luck at the upcoming trade shows! For more information, check out the HeltonTool website and find them on Facebook and Twitter


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